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Welcome to the Manager Tools Discussion Forums! Based on our experience on the Manager Tools blog, we discovered that our audience wanted a place where they could discuss the practice of management and learn from each other. As valuable as the discussion on the Manager Tools blog were, it turns out that WordPress doesn't make for a create discussion forum. It's too hard to follow discussions and the tools therein just don't quite make it. We're implementing the discussion boards here as an attempt at remedying some of those issues. So, please join us in the immensely rewarding journey of management development! Enjoy!

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Thanks for the hard work!


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Yeah, thanks for the work putting this together.

I'm a member of a couple of other online forums such as this (completely different topics). One of the features on others (and I imagine that you'll be looking at this soon) is a "new posts" search that is quick and easy to access.

Again, thanks for all the hard work, both on the forum and on the podcast - love listening.


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Hi Mark/Michael,

Yet another great Initiative from Manager Tools.
It's amazing how you guys can find the time and passion to keep such a proffesional set of tools/Podcast/.... growing.

Keep up the great work,
Its a pleasure being part of your listening community.

Guy Pilens
NEC - Australia

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Guy and Jared-

Glad you like the idea. Mike did all the work, but we think it will make a lot of the guidance he and I give a lot more accessible to more members.

It's a privilege to do this for you,


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Thanks for all your work on the Podcast - and now on the forum. I think that this will be a great addition to the site and to the overall community.

Thanks again for all the work that you do. It makes a difference!

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Mark and Mike and the support team, thanks for great resource and the ability to learn your exact and experienced look at everyday management work. That really makes sense about learning good management which is "boring, unsexy, slow, repetitive.." in lovely and unboring way you do. I always listen MT on my driving (I'm not risky while driving so that doesn't create road dangers :) ) and that's great help to my career.
Friends, let me ask you, are you intending to create programs about time-management model, because the greatest stress to people is always about lack of time? What system to use, what hacks are there about time and stuff to do, how to properly plan and do things, how to say no to people who rely on you but add stress to you because you are not able to help them because of time issues?

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[quote="Lev"]Friends, let me ask you, are you intending to create programs about time-management model, because the greatest stress to people is always about lack of time? What system to use, what hacks are there about time and stuff to do, how to properly plan and do things, how to say no to people who rely on you but add stress to you because you are not able to help them because of time issues?[/quote]

Time Management is absolutely on our "to do" list. Although we'll certainly have some things to add to David Allen's work, his book "Getting Things Done" is a great start. Mark and I are both huge fans of his. Read his book ... it's well worth it!

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Thanks for the kind words! We really do enjoy helping you grow your skills.

Yes, we intend to do more and provide tools about time management.

That said, remember: time management is impossible. What IS possible are PRIORITY and BEHAVIOR management. All the hacks in the world won't do as much good for you as going home every day at the same time and choosing more carefully what you spend your time on at work. Right now, I'd guess 30% of what you do is low-value-added ( please take no offense - that's my standard).

We're going to get to it.

It's a privilege to serve you,


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Hi everybody,

Just want to drop by and say thank you to Mike and Mark. You have done an absolutely amazing job teaching others. I've learned so much and applied some of the knowledge in daily life even as a student. As your audience grow, I truely believe that you are contributing to the increasing efficiency and effectiveness of our workforce. Keep it up!

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Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you're learning, and we feel privileged to be helping you do so.


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Mark and Mike,

As always, it's great to hear new themes and ideas pertaining to various management styles. I am currently in a non-managment role, but I have leaderhsip roles in a very large nursing association. I have been able to utilize the podcasts to every advantage. I have been marketing your site, podcasts and styles to my colleagues. I have found that utilizing the various styles of feedback and coaching have been very beneficical. Thank you!

The podcasts are well presented and without static, or technical dissparities. By far the best there is from the few that I have heard. Keep up the great work and thank you for your time, commitment and energy.

Todd G.
Longmont, CO

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Hi guys,

I had a conference this week with several of my colleagues and have turned them to the website for more information about 22 people in all. We are trying to come up with a way to help orient nurses to new leadership roles in their chapters. We discussed the DISC model, and BINGO.. I immediately mentioned the podcast and sent them all the web link.

Again, Thanks for the hard work you do to put this on.



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Thanks for all the referrals and kind words! We're glad you're benefitting and spreading the word.

Just so you know, I was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and mentioned I had former hospital clients. The techniques we recommend here have all been WELL tested by hundreds of nurse managers (who by the way, have an even more difficult job than most managers).

It's a privilege to serve you and your friends.


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Hey guys,

Love the show and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into each cast. I'd like to be able to share some the information with my colleagues. I’ve already put a “manager-tools” link to our intranet site. Can I also add some content on my intranet site too? I’m thinking about just a few topics from the public section, none of the registered user content.

Thank you.
Dave M.
Richmond, VA USA

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Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're with us.

Unfortunately, though, we have to draw the line somewhere, and we'd ask that you not put anything other than a link to our site on your intranet. Our lawyers tell us to be careful here, and we're doing our best.

Thanks nonetheless for the recommendations.


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Thanks, Dave. We appreciate the kind remarks and that you are sharing us with others!

Unfortunately, we can't give you permission to host the files themselves on your own servers. Feel free to link as much as you would like, but please don't host the files on your servers.

Thanks again!

best regards,

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I just wanted to say publically what I said to Mike via email: I'm new to MT, I'm a Consultant....and I've started recommending these Podcasts to MY clients! I have listened to nearly all of them, and feel like the advice is spot on.

I also get a kick out of Mike's sense of humor and the interplay between these two. Today's cast (Parties) was particularly funny. It brought back many memories of parties past where somebody/multiple somebodys got trashed and made a fool of themselves. Never me, of course! :D

Thanks for the hard work and for making MY job easier!

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You guys are doing a great job. Congratulations on a great show and I wish you much continued success.

I have a suggestion for a sponser that you should pursue. is an excellent web tool for presentations to small and large audiences and also for tech support. It is a perfect match for the Manager Tools audience. We are a small company in Mexico and this product has permitted us to reach our customers much more effectively.



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Thank you for taking the time to make your podcasts every week.

I’m not a manager, and I’ll guess I’m not the lone non-manager in the audience. I just want to do what I do everyday a little better. Your podcasts are helping me do it.

Six months ago, I was put in an interim group holding down the fort for a fired plant manager. I approached one of my new group peers and asked for feedback because he is really good with people. I said “I know I look for results over feelings, and people can see that as cold. What can I do to make it better?” He said “People don’t change like that, and you’re good at what you do because you are who you are.”

Now, knowing I’m not the only one in this situation is empowering. Hearing there are very simple and structured ways of dealing with my behavior and reactions is a relief. This podcast series contains the advice I was seeking, and I’m more effective for applying some small part of each podcast daily.

Thank you again.


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Well said! Glad we're helping. I used to be an engineer wanting everyone to just do what made sense to me.

I'm better now. :wink:


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Guess I better say hi to everyone. Been a MT fan/listener for close to a year now, and signed up quite quickly after hearing my first show to be a memebr, but never took the time to visit the forums...

Shame on me.

However now I'm here to stay :twisted:

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Thanks for the warning! We're glad you're here.


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Hi Mark/Mike,

I have started to listen actively to your podcasts during these past 2 months.

You guys are really my [b]IDOLS [/b]and I listened to you guys more often now that any of my favourite singers. Beside learning great managerial tips and knowledge, I also learnt from you guys on the great passion and enthusiasm in life and also to honourably serve & help other ppl without asking anything in returns. And that is exactly what I like most about being a manager - able to help others in their career and personal development. Of course, if I help my subordinate, they also will help me more and lessen my loads and problems. :). But I intend to help them first and not expecting them to help me back or stay with me.

And lastly, ONE IMPORTANT CRITERIA that stand out in your podcasts compared to other pdocasts I ever heard is - you guys have a VERY NICE VOICE & PITCH & great audio quality. :) ...I feel motivated and energetic by just listening to you guys talk.

You guys are really amazing. Keep up the good work. Continue to chatter about anything even if you do not have a good topic. :P

Thank you again.

New Manager in IT world

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Mark / Mike,
it sounds like you are becoming a kind of pop stars :)

P.S. By the way, also I tend to listen more to your casts than my preferred music during the commute ;)

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I am tallest when I bow to another.

We are humbled by so many people - like you - who take their precious time to listen and grow and make life better for those with whom you work.


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I second Susan's and so many other comments here. M&M and all the people on this board make a difference in my life and my career. Nearly all that I am uncertain of, unaware of or afraid of is made more clear, known and less scary because of the casts, articles and posts here.

My name is Terrence Randell. I am a mid-level engineering manager in the information security area of a financial institution. My life goal is to rise through the ranks in my firm for the sole purpose of giving as many people as possible the best management they have ever had. I believe good management is an employee's right, not a luxury.

This is the one place I have found where people actually give a damn about being the best managers and leaders they can be. Rock on and keep growing.

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That ROCKS. Thanks for being here.


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You guys are really my [b]IDOLS [/b]and I listened to you guys more often now that any of my favourite singers. [/quote]

I'm in complete alignment here as well. I listen to music 1/10th as much as I used to. In fact, I never really bothered to listen to much of anything on my Treo until I ran into M-T. Since then I purchased a 2x bigger SD card (on Black Friday, of course (from the comfort of my couch via the web) - got a great deal ;-)) and better MP3 software for the Treo so I could set bookmarks in the casts. I now listen to/from work, to/from picking up my kids from various events (when they're not in the car), to/from errands and just about anywhere else where I'm alone and have some idle time to fill. Super high value stuff here at M-T that I keep telling folks about (about which I keep telling folks ;-)). Unfortunately, from what I can tell, only about 1 in 10 even bother to look. You can lead a horse to water... (note this is NOT a cliche :P )


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Sometimes, the OBVIOUS is hiding in plain sight. I only listen to music on my Ipod, and while I "knew" my Treo could deliver casts, I never put them together.

What software do you use on the Treo for casts?


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Hello all,

Glad to be here. Since I'm new, can you all educate me on the culture and tone of the forum?

I want to start off on the right foot with the community.

Without meeting you all in person, I'm hoping the next best thing is to ask you to describe what we're creating here.

Initial impression
- a little bit of a groupie, fan, kudos vibe
- not so much with the flame wars
- nobody cares about who is a noob
- or knows what one is
- somewhat IT heavy
- generally constructive
- punches aren't pulled

If I'm off base please let me know before I upset the apple cart with nonsense posts.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

New poster,
- poncho_57

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Glad you asked.

Yes, there are fans here, and lots of kudos. Since it's free, I think folks see that as a form of payment.

We don't care for the groupie appellation. I think it's derogatory to someone who is genuinely thrilled with what they've found. Most managers are privately miserable about the gap between what they want to do and what they know how to do. So, they find this, it's pretty good..some gushing is okay.

It's not going to our heads. In fact, it's damn humbling.

Flame someone and you're done. It's vulgar and completely unprofessional. Every once in a while, Mike and I assert ourselves, even though you may never see it.

I care who is a new manager... so I can adjust my recommendations. But there's no discrimination or hazing or teasing.

"IT heavy" is a function of Podcasting's adoption rate... is changing more than most people realize.

Surprised you think it's only 'generally' constructive. What else could it be?

I don't generally like the phrase "pulling punches." That works for many because feedback is so rare that every bit feels like a punch.. because people wait too long to share it. (Holding their breath versus breathing).

Punches aren't pulled here because punches aren't thrown to begin with. It seems to me that if people come here for recommendations, it's best to oblige them, and that openness on their part lends itself to allowing you to share when they are off base. It's hard enough to communicate without watering everything down.

Relatedly, Mike and I care deeply about what we're doing, and I try to answer every single post. It's not easy, and I think it's perceived as us truly caring bout each member's situation. And whaddaya know, we truly care about each member's situation. When that comes through to another professional, one is given more leeway to be direct, without being perceived as offensive.

The Ritz Carlton motto comes to my mind here: "We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen."

This is the most important, personal, and gratifying professional endeavor of my life. This is, for me, the professional calling of my life. I want to do nothing else, forever. We admit that some of this we couldn't have planned... but the touch and feel of the forums and the blog and the casts are, to Mike and I, wonderful.

I think there are some that see us as a little Polly-anna-ish. We just see ourselves as gentlemen who believe we can make the world a better place. If not us, who?

We've incurred enormous personal costs to make this happen, and often feel like we're holding an egg while running at full speed. It's great, and unnerving, and satisfying, and terrifying.

So, welcome to Manager Tools. This is a special place, and we're glad you're here, and hope you get everything you need...and yet somehow still give a little more than that.


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Thanks Susan!

We're glad you're with us, and thrilled that you are both getting value from our work and are inspired by it. We really do believe that we can change the world by changing management, and we believe the way to change management is one manager at a time.

Thanks for saying we sound nice, too... I've never listened to one of our casts, so it's nice to know. ;-) You have MIKE to thank for that. He gets it right every time.


PS: All - I do know that I need to start evaluating myself, and will. Just being funny. In all humor there is truth.

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Sometimes, the OBVIOUS is hiding in plain sight. I only listen to music on my Ipod, and while I "knew" my Treo could deliver casts, I never put them together.

What software do you use on the Treo for casts?[/quote]

Mark -

Would love to have an iPod, but I can't justify the cost (with 3 kids approaching college age - one has a Nano, though ;-) ) with a Treo already on my belt. The iPod is a wonderful tool - well designed (which I highly admire). If the iPhone actually does what the marketing demo shows (and it has a calendar function that rivals DateBk5 on the PalmOS), it may replace my Treo in 2-3 years.

Aaaanyway, I bought Pocket Tunes Deluxe (the basic version didn't do bookmarks - thanks guys :x ) in December. It was clearly, to me, the best MP3 player of the 4 or 5 that I tried. mOcean was another contender, but it's still somewhat in development and, while I liked the iPod-like UI, I got tired of dealing with its niggling "issues", though I get the feeling the developers will address them all in time.

I've used PalmOs devices since 1997, so I can give you my thoughts on good cheap/free (fewer and fewer every year) applications if you're interested.

Hope this is somewhat useful,

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Sometimes, the OBVIOUS is hiding in plain sight. I only listen to music on my Ipod, and while I "knew" my Treo could deliver casts, I never put them together.

What software do you use on the Treo for casts?[/quote]

Forgot to mention... One of the big reasons I didn't bother listening to anything on the Treo was because the included MP3 player, a version of RealPlayer, is so bad. The Treo 700p comes with a "flavor" of Pocket Tunes (PT), though. At least my friend's new one has this.

I'm still working on syncing to PT, however, using Windoze Media Player. It supposedly "digests" AAC files (Apple's format) directly, but I haven't yet had time to try it (To date I've been pulling my SD card, putting it in a reader/writer and loading the MP3 files directly using explorer).


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[quote="peloton"]I now listen to/from work, to/from picking up my kids from various events (when they're not in the car)[/quote]

Hey why not? My kids (11 and 13) LOVE listening to the M-T 'casts. AND they remember and talk about it after the fact. My son often asks when I'm going to do a presentation if I'm going to have each letter of the bullet points fly in from the side and make a "clack" typewriter sound ;-) (ref [url=]Presenting with powerPoint[/url])

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Ha! Perhaps they'll be management consultants when they grow up?

Oooh, sorry ... shouldn't wish that on ones so young. ;-)


Peter.westley's picture
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Well, if they can keep me in the manner to which I'd like to be accustomed, they're welcome!


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Mark and Mike,

Thanks for creating a truly valuable and useful resource. I started listening ten weeks ago (a recommendation of my new boss!) and your podcasts have transformed my long commute into quality time.

Your focus on behavior rather than theory or psychology is spot on.

I've implemented the basics (1 on 1's, feedback, coaching) and the impact has been measurable. Just those three (with DISC) are more useful than the semester of "Management Organization and Behavior" in grad school.


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Thanks for the kind words! We're glad you're with us, and getting value from our work.

It's a privilege to serve.


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Mark, Michael,

a few comments to your series:

Given the increasing volume of podcasts, your internet site is losing structure. It is harder and harder to navigate and find the topics in a structured way. I know you have it sorted by keywords, but that's not helping me any more. A search tree with less keywords (my opinion) would be more helpful. Maybe I just didn't figured the best way to navigate in your site. But that might be a problem for others, too.

I am also missing a cast (or series) about how to interview (and not how to be interviewed). I am much more focused in hiring than to be hired. Or did I just not find the cast(s) ?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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Have you seen the categories that M&M established?

The members-only casts from June 07 and Dec 06 were on being the interviewer. All other interview casts (especially the interview series) are great for interviewers, too.

FYI, there have been other discussion threads regarding site navigation and search - I'm sure patience will be rewarded.


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Thanks John,

have seen those categories, but it's only somewhat helpful.

On the interviewe series, yes, listend to those two casts but that sounded more to me like a side product, rather than a structured series.

Agree, the interviewee series is indeed helpful.



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Mike and Mark,
Thanks for the extraordinary resource you have provided. I'm finally caught up on listening to your podcasts and can't tell you how invaluable they have been. I must admit that those early podcasts, like when Mike was interrupted by his daughter coming down to the basement, made me wonder what I was listening to, but your excellent insights quickly overcame that.

I've saved some important podcasts and re-listen to them. And though at my last job 36 people reported to me, and now none do, there is good stuff throughout your program that I draw on on a regular basis.

Many thanks for your excellent work!

Brian Beirne

michaelclaw's picture

Hi guys,

As a new manager, I was tasked with my first hiring situation and searched the web for best-practice. I feel so lucky to have discovered your podcasts. I feel that with your help, specifically your podcasts on group interviews and the interview results capture meeting, I've gained a competitive advantage.

Thanks so much!

Michael Law

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hi guys, new manager user here. I haven't been listening to the cast that long but so far I really like your approach. Hopefully I can add something to the group while taking away some advice as well. I haven't been a manager for that long, either!



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I just had to say that when you put out these tools for a new manager like me (in the field of nursing no less, where we eat our young) then what happens is this:
I feel like there is hope to lead my staff in a better way
I believe there is a model to say what I need to say in a way that won't destroy morale.
I wish I could sit and listen to my Ipod all day!
P.S. My boss is also addicted.
Thanks Mark and Mike - you're the best
Janet in Wisconsin

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Found you guys on iTunes last week and can't stop listening to your shows.

I was promoted to manager a few years back and have had no formal management training at all. I felt really frustrated that I was doing a poor job of handling my responsibilities, and was even considering to quit and find another job with less stress.

Your podcasts are just SOOO good! I am listening to them every chance I get and will begin one-on-ones in a couple of weeks.

Ever think about a manager session in Japan?

Great job guys!

Kris in Tokyo

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Thank you for all the work you've put into Manager Tools.

I stumbled upon your hugely helpful podcast on itunes. It's been the catalyst for a positive change in my professional and personal life.

Effective podcast!

Jay in Southampton

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Hello everyone;

I used to be a long-time Manager-Tools listener and drinker of the eternal font of eternal business wisdom that Mike and Mark dispense every week or so.

After being in management for some time I have decided to become one of the "working class" again. It is sort of a career break so that I can focus on some of my long-term goals (which as a result provides me more time to do things like listen to and reply to my favorite podcasts). I am still catching up on all of the podcasts I had not listened to and I find that the amount of sagely advice has maintained its high quality that I remember.

Thanks again for all that you do for all of us as it must be a labor of love. I have used your lessons and have used them to teach others and have been blessed with your sagely advice. I hope to be able to maintain this membership for years to come, and look forward to learning more from everyone in this group.

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Dear Mark & Mike,

i'm a father of two little kids and just starting my first own business -
small but hopefully growning.
Not too much management to do so far, but upon looking for resources to help me learn before making mistakes,
i came across your podcasts and since then i spend all the time in the car or on the bike listening to your lessons.
Because they are so rich and profitable and well done that it's pure fun to follow them.


And i can immediately see the impact on the way i think about the business and our people.

It's helping a lot already.

Thank you so much!