The most effective behavioral profile instrument. Learn what your natural tendencies are. Be more effective by understanding how others are different from you. (They think they're normal, just like you do).

What's In It

It's all about people.

Working with others and communicating effectively are rarely taught but always needed. If you want to be an effective manager or a productive professional, you've got to be willing to change your behavior when working with people different than you.

Behavioral guidance.

DiSC focuses on what to do. It doesn't judge "who you are". Anyone can change what they do. DiSC makes it easy.

Specific suggestions.

How to talk to a demanding boss. How to choose your words and change your posture to increase warmth. What to do to get along with people who are different than you.

Impressive Reliability

Inscape DiSC has data from over 10 million participants. Even our analytical clients are amazed at the depth and accuracy of the instrument.

The most important thing you guys did was to convince me to take the DiSC test, whereby I found out I was DC. I didn't realize the high-D part, which helped explained why I blew things up often. That was about 5 years and 100 podcasts ago. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys.

Chester Kurstarz

Order, answer the questions online immediately, and have your results instantly.  Within 10 minutes, you can be communicating more effectively.