I lost my job on May 31. Acting on your advice and the information in many of the casts, I gave my resume a massive facelift, improved my cover letters by leaps and bounds and took copious notes on preparing for interviews. Prior to listening to Career Tools, I never received a single response from any employer I applied to - not even a rejection letter! However, in recent weeks, I've had 3 preliminary phone interviews, two face-to-face interviews and about 8 reflection letters. While none of these interviews resulted in a job offer, the whole process has been enlightening. Mark's "Horstman's Wager" is not only valid, but a real eye-opener. With my two face-to-face interviews, I was honest, authentic and prepared to the best of my abilities. I got the second-best outcome: no offer and the knowledge that I would not have been a good fit for those positions.

Paul Molloy