I recall that one of the casts had a great example that involved the US space program and the moon landing.  I remember the example being insightful to the topic, but I cannot remember the context or the cast.  

I think the example had something to do with setting a clear goal (JFK's statement about landing on the moon in this decade) and then forging a path that was directionally correct.

I'd like to listen to that one again.  Anyone recall which cast that was?




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Hmmm. There are multiple instances where Mark and Mike discuss Neil Armstrong, specifically, of being the first man to walk on the moon and how that accomplishment would be discussed in an interview or resume.

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Behavioral Interview Questions (Manager Tools feed)

I recommend purchasing a Premium Content subscription. Your desktop indexing tool can quickly search each cast's corresponding transcript and PPT deck. The result is you save time when you want to find and review key points of any cast.


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Just happened to be going back and listening to some of the podcasts that I had not heard in a while. 

The podcast you may be referring to is the "How to Set Annual Goals" podcasts (series of 3).  Mark and Mike were discussing MT goals and made reference to JFK setting the goal to have a man on the moon by the end of the decade.  And utilized Neil Armstrongs first step on the moon as the symbolic accomplishment of that goal.

I did not do it justice but the podcast is spot on and puts it in perfect perspective.

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Ahhh.... the Annual Goals casts!  I'm pretty sure that is what I was thinking about.  Thanks so much.

Also,  thanks for the tip on being able to search using the premium content subscription.