MT recommend calling the company within a couple of days of sending the cover letter.  What's the purpose of that call?  Is it to

  1. Start a personal connection?
  2. Find out more about the role?
  3. Find out if they have received your cover letter?
  4. have an impromptu pseudo-phone interview?
  5. Something else?

Is there a script for this call?



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Name recognition. Stand out from the crowd. First step in establishing a relationship.

You want your name in front of them as often as possible without being pushy. Think of a car commercial on TV. They're on constantly, there's always some promotion going on, but you generally ignore the commercials. Then your car breaks down, and suddenly the dealership that runs a commercial while you're watching TV  has an advantage in earning your business.

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I am going to do these follow up calls and would like to know if there's a podcast for that. Thank you for all the support, Manager tools team!