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I'm looking for some advice on a new role where I'm temporarily stepping in for a manager taking a leave of absence.

The current department manager took a leave of absence today, and I will be named her temporary replacement tomorrow. I don't have many details at this point, but know that the manager will be out for several weeks now, and for over a month later this year. I expect I will be in the roll for about 6 months.

Any suggestions on how to handle this sudden change. I don't think there's enough time to roll out the trinity, but am hoping someone out there has had a similar experience they would be able to share.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jason and congrats on the step up! I was in a similar position in 2013 where my manager took about 6 weeks vacation.  I was placed in the Acting Manager role during his absence. About 3 weeks before I took on the acting role I sent an email to the rest of the team using the MT One on One invitation template.  The 3 weeks meant their calendars were probably empty.  I started O3s with each of them and we haven't stopped since!  They loved the one on one attention and being able to get my time - when our manager never had individual meetings and the weekly team meetings were largely a waste of time. Long story short; the manager returned from his vacation and within a week he resigned.  In those six weeks I managed the organisation through enterprise bargaining negotiations with volatile unions and industrial action, provided valuable input at the senior management meetings and raised the visibility of our department.  Upon the manager's resignation, I was offered the job :)  

Anyway, sorry i got off track! LOL  My suggestion is to definitely start with O3s... if you are in this role for 6 months, you will also have time to roll out the Feedback model :)  They'll love you for it! And you'll provide a great example to other leaders around the organisation, not to mention selling yourself.

All the best