I started One-on-Ones last year after first hearing the Manager Tools Trinity Podcasts. Sometime along the line (probably when I needed them most, in hind sight), I dropped the ball. At first it was a "we will reschedule later in the week" and then it was "we will just skip this week" and then the meetings stopped altogether under the justification of there just was not enough time to do them all.

I restarted them recently. And they were instantly helpful for me to reconnect with my team and made me realize that the past few months had been even more stressful because I was not making the time to do them.

What was surprising (though it should not have been) was that one of my directs was incredibly excited about the restart and thanked me and has mentioned many times how he loves having the one-on-one meetings.

Just wanted to share that success story and thank Mark and Mike for the casts as they have been very helpful! Sometimes you have to experience what it "used to be like" before you can truly appreciate how much these tools help.

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I too am a recovering O3 quitter.  It took a new, under performing direct to change my ways.  Now I am totally committed to them because I see the difference it is making.  We're still a long way from where I want her to be, but it is better.

Congratulations for recognizing it before you lost a good person.