I discovered your pod casts a couple of weeks ago and I am impressed with the content and its usefulness. It is practical and easy to understand. I was and am so impressed with the information you provide that I am sharing the information with my peers. I have asked them to join me for breakfast twice a month to discuss your tools and exchange ideas.

My question is, should I invite our boss? He is definitely a VERY HIGH “D” and although he could benefit from these discussions, I am afraid he would try to take over the discussions and turn it into one of his meetings. Any recommendations?

Thanks for all of your hard work and the time you put in to help us improve our profession. It is greatly appreciated.

Robert C.

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If you've only invited peers for now, I would leave it that way. I'm not saying your boss wouldn't get it just because he's a D, but it would mess up what I would assume is the openness of the present meeting.

Keep us posted!