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Hello Mark and Mike,

I am a retail manager and have been doing one on ones for two years now with great success. I don't know what experience either of you have working with the retail industry but it seems that most of your pod casts are better applied in corp. america. I have a store with close to 100 employees and 6 total managers for all of them. Most of our staff is part time with other full time jobs, the ages range from 16 to 62, and full time to 5 hours a week. I have been able to apply many of your suggestions but would be interested in your thoughts on how to keep a very diverse work force engaged and excited about store goals when many are just looking for extra money to support their family. I am part of a multi million dollar store in a billion dollar company where good management is the difference between success and failure everytime. Thanks for all your efforts with this pod cast it is the best stuff out there... anywhere.

Thanks guys,

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Welcome aboard ... it's great to have you here!

I'm particularly familiar with the retail industry ... I just sold my partnership in a Northern Virginia restaurant chain (built from the ground up) to focus on Manager Tools. I can't think of a single topic we've discussed that doesn't apply in the retail industry (and my experience has been that retail management REALLY needs this stuff ;-) ).

Oh, and by the way, we have other listeners applying this stuff working for a "multi million dollar store in a billion dollar company". Maybe you've met some of them? :-)

Welcome again!