I was asked to (and did) facilitate monthly project review meetings for another department. Generally there were 40 - 45 participants. Is this resume worthy? 

I run meetings the way I learned from M-T of course!



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 It probably depends on your job in general. What is it you do?


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It is not a bullet if it a normal part of your job responsibilities. If facilitating meetings is a normal part of your responsibilities then it is in the narrative.

On the other hand, did your efforts turnaround any failing projects? Have you successfully completed any major projects? Have you saved significant money or accelerated project completion?

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I was a project manager at the time but not running any projects for this particular department, so it was outside the scope of my normal duties. Running meetings for my own projects would be covered in the narrative.

The objective of these meeting was to help the participants understand the project pipeline that could impact them.

Thanks  for the response!