Hi all,

I'm currently working on a new format for our performance reviews and I'm wondering if anyone else have something that would be useful? 

If anyone have a format they like I would love to see some of it, to get a bit of inspiration.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and is looking forward to 2011 ;)

Kind Regards

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I'll be interested in seeing what responses there are to this post.  We currently use a MBO (Management by Objectives ... and yes, I know it's old) where we identify 4 objectives and performance is evaluated on how well each is completed.  For example, Deliver on Commitments as an objective has metrics around meeting deadlines, budgets and hours.

The only thing I'll caution you on is to make sure you run your ideas by your HR area before you spend a lot of time on the changes to the performance evaluation formats.  The managers in my department spent quite a bit of time working to change our format to something we felt would provide better feedback and be more objective.  After we were done we presented it to HR who patted us on the back and told us it was nice and we could add it as an addendum to the current format .... so it ended up going nowhere fast!