I recently started a new  management position and the staff schedule is an overly complex nightmare that takes an two-plus hours of one of my supervisor's time to do EVERY DAY.  How can I move towards a less complex schedule even though it will mean upsetting most of the managers in the building as they will become responsible for enforcing things that the schedule itself use to enforce?


I believe the schedule has swollen over the years as managers noticed that it was easier to create a "position" on this schedule rather than simply give feedback (or discipline) their own staff.  If someone was in the wrong place they could simply be shown the schedule and the manager wouldn't have to explain themselves.

Unfortunately, as it exists now, staff are completing 2-3 different "positions" a day, some of which overlap others don't, some overlap in the middle of the day but not the end, some are all day positions meaning that that staff cannot be assigned anywhere else.  It is IMPOSSIBLY complicated.  The only solution I can see is removing positions and making the supervisors and their staff responsible for working out their own systems. I'd like to simplify, significantly.  

However, I'm very new to this position.  2 weeks right now.  Even if I hit the recommended 90 days, I don't think anyone is going to be happy moving towards taking more personal responsibility for their staff.  Its starting to feel like a nearly impossible culture change.  What can I do to help grease the wheels here?

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Once again, I find myself not answering the question...

Is not the 2+ hours of a supervisor's time a better investment for the company than whatever "most of the managers in the building" are doing? Usually a supervisor is paid less than a manager, so if two hours from the one is eliminating 30 minutes from each of the "most managers," then I'd say it is a net positive to the company.

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Scheduling of the staff is difficult in your case. I would have also frustrated if something like this happens to me.Managing the resources and scheduling them is an important factor.I personally use project management tools which are available free for my staff scheduling and various other activities. Such tools have really helped me a lot. The tools I had selected had really nice features like employee time tracking,scheduling features and sharing facilities of various activities.Communication is main barrier which has to be resolved.Project Management tools just provide you that.

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Hi there,

I think it is way too early to be planning changes.  Follow the first 90 days model.  There is plenty of time to make good changes to the organization but not in the first 90 days.  Many things do not fully reveal themselves except with time.

I'm assuming you have listened to all the related podcasts.  If not, start there.


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Clarification:  There is no distinction between "supervisor" and "manager" in my initial post.  They are the same position.

Jacob, thanks for the recommendation.  Do you have a specific product that works well for you?  I think that might be a great solution but I've yet to find something that handles the complexity of my schedule.  Additionally, I agree completely that communication is the primary problem.

As for being way too early.  I agree.  I intend to hold off for as long as possible in order to have more understanding of the situation.

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Could you please provide more background?

Are we talking about a call center? Is this manufacturing? Construction Project? Are the people being scheduled shop floor/laborors? Engineers? Maintenance technicians?

I don't quite understand how the employees who are being scheduled fit into this. How does it not come off of as insane disorganization to the employees being scheduled?

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I am sorry that my response is so late, but it may help you in future!

You can try staff roster software ( )  as well. It is an efficient resource planning software that helps to track down the time taken by the employees to schedule and plan their resources.

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If you are still searching some solutions then you can try eResource Scheduler for free (for unrestricted 14 days).


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What I have seen in my career is that project fails due to improper profiling of resources, improper visibility, in short improper management and planning.

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