Hey folks.

I stopped doing O3's a while ago due to having more 'doing' work than 'managing' work and the O3's fell by the wayside so I could deliver my 'doing' work.

Got some feedback from a direct this week - basically the classic 'you're there, but we don't get formal time to talk'.


What I've learned - NEVER underestimate the value of O3's.  Even if your people don't seem overly positive about them, it shows you value them by THEM having YOUR attention, undivided.  That's gotta count for a lot when you next ask them to 'carry your water'.

The good thing is I got my boss's agreement to me starting O3's back up.  We begin again Monday.

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Dust yourself off and get back on the horse.  The bruises will fade.  Admire their color!