We take one week off in Turkey in a few weeks.

I would like your advices on two or three books I could take ...

I thought about :

"What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful" - I don't really like the title, but Mark and Mike seem to love the guy ...


"Crucial conversation" : I like the idea ... I don't know about the book itself.

I am currently reading "Words that work".

Any advice ?



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The "Cranky Middle Manager" podcast by Wayne Turmel ( ) has interviewed author Marshall Goldsmith of "What got you here won't get you there" in episode #79 about this book (and #100 is another interview with this author).

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[quote="cedwat"]..."Crucial conversation" : I like the idea ... I don't know about the book itself...[/quote]

Hi all,

"Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high" was a nice, quick read.

"Crucial Confrontations: Tools for resolving broken promises, violated expectations, and bad behavior" by the some of the same authors was a very good read.

"Crucial Confrontations..." is complementary to -- and perhaps reinforces -- much of what Mark and Mike teach.



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Marshall's book, without question.


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Well ... I ordered both (Marshall and Crucial conversations).

Thanks for your advice.

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[quote="cedwat"]Well ... I ordered both (Marshall and Crucial conversations).

Thanks for your advice.[/quote]

I just received the Marshall Goldsmith book and Charan Ram's Know-How: 8 Skills that seperate people who perform from those who don't.

I'm about 20% into Marshalls book and it's excellent. Anybody who 'gets' MT will enjoy and be rewarded by this book I think. Some of the advice about destructive comments and adding too much value has already been used today!

I bought Charan Ram's book as it sort of compliments Marshalls. It's about the skills, or know how an effective leader needs versus the behaviour (Marshalls book).

Enjoy your holiday reading.

Cedwat, could you post the French working holidays on this post about a possible European MT conference please? Thanks.


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Well ... If you ask for it ... I'll post French Hollidays (nightmare). :oops:
Everybody will now know how many opportunities for vacations we get in our sweet country ... And why we leave longer than in nearly any other country in spite of your poor habits ... 8)

Can you describe Ram Charan's book in a dedicated topic ?



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I'd give all my time to my family: it's the most precious gift I could give and the best way to spend that time!

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Thank you for your advice.

But you know, at ages 14, 12 and 2, they want to have "their" activities without their parents ! ... Did you want your parents "on your back" all day at those ages ? Not me :wink:

But, we have several conversations about books we read and our activities of the day.

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Were are you going in Turkey? We were there a couple of years ago and went to King Midas's tomb. I think you two older children would really love it. It's a couple of hours south of Ankara.



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We go in the south near the sea. Not so far away from Antalya. We go in a club so each child has activity for his age. It is pretty far away from Ankara.

Thanks for the advice anyway.

Have a good day.


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So you won't be around for us to wish you a happy Bastille Day! So, Happy Bastille Day! (Does one do that kind of thing in France?)

We'll miss your posts, looking forward to your return to MT!



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Thank you Dave. I will be back ON the Bastille day !
Contragulations for your culture ... I'm sincerely impressed.


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Cedric -- Your post inspired me. I'm leaving for a week's vacation at the beach in 10 days. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on the shore and read as long as my husband will let me. :) I had been planning to do some mindless reading. Then I read your post! I went on Amazon yesterday and ordered 10 books - a bunch from Mark and Mike's list plus several by Pat Lencioni (his stuff reads like fiction).

I can't wait to get all my goodies and head to the beach!

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Wow Dani !

Is your husband carrying the books ? I would have choosen audios + Ipod (less weight and you can pretend listening to music and not look like a workaholic !) :lol:

Enjoy it anyway.


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I just finished [i]The Art of Happiness At Work[/i] by Howard Cutler and Tenzin Gyatso. (The latter is better known by his title: His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.)

A big part of happiness at work is satisfaction with the work, whether it is repetitive assembly work or dynamic customer service work. They discuss flow, but recognize that getting into that state is rare. They talk a lot about how individual attitude and mindset has the largest effect on happiness.

As for the work you should choose, there is this suggestion: "If you can, serve others. If not, at least refrain from harming them."

It's an interesting read, done in a very conversational style. It is different from most business books, and I think worth reading regardless of the kind of work you do.


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[quote="cedwat"]Can you describe Ram Charan's book in a dedicated topic ?[/quote]

I would do if British Airways hadn't lost my luggage on the way to Paris a couple of weeks ago!

Still waiting and difficult to get anyone on the phone...last time I travel BA or travel via Heathrow if I can help it!

I'll post the liner notes when I either get it back or purchase new.

Are you based near Paris?

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2 hour drive from Cdg.