I did have a quick look on the forums and I couldn't find reference to this being asked before (but I apologise if I just missed it).

My boss, started out with a very good O3 process. It was engaging, interactive and I really felt valued although I have to admit there wasn't much if any actual management development that occurred even at this stage.

Then, over the last few months the meetings have become far less frequent, then became updates (15 minutes) bi-weekly and then these were amalgamated with another O3 with a colleague who works in an associated area.

Feedback degraded to commentary and now to ... well nothing and I mean nothing. If we ask is there anything he thinks we should be doing the answer is "no". He may end of the meeting with "thanks" but normally we just run out of time and the next group is behind us so there isn't much of a meeting ending at all.

One of these meetings he started of my stating "I haven't so much as thought about you or your group for over 2 weeks" (We had moved to the weekly schedule at this time so we'd met a week before) in another "Didn't I just meet with you guys yesterday?"

He'll still make statements about "how things are" and gives some insight into the behaviors of individuals in some limited situations but that's about it.

Over all, the main challenge I have here is the total absence of feedback of any kind. He has indicated (and I know from experience that he does) that he will "let you know if you've messed up", but other then that the silence if deafening.

If anyone else has any words of advice for this situation I'm all ears because I got nothing.

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Sounds like the O3s have been good value for you, but not good value for him.  (That's a hint!)

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Could you elaborate on that a little bit? I assume that you're saying that I should look at the content of what I'm providing (and go back over the associated casts again) and work out what isn't working for him?

Would it be productive to approach him and ask directly? Do you have any experiences where you've encountered this in the past that you could share with me?

Thanks for your time in helping me out.

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First - you can't change it.  He does what he does and you can request to go back to the old O3 style, but you can't force anything.  I'm not even sure I'd ask, but that's me.

Focus on your work and on being outstanding.  Commit to YOU doing O3s the right way with your directs. 

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I'd suggest listening to the cast on Boss One-on-Ones: Professional Updates.

Maybe that will give you some ideas to put more value in the O3 for your boss.  Sure, the O3 is supposed to be about you, but it sounds like they've devolved into an update meeting anyhow.  Why not have yours be the most professional of the bunch?