The link to the manager tools standing calendar items no longer works with the new website ( found it this thread:  Does anyone have this calendar that they can repost?  I am switching from my paper calendar to using a digital calendar and looking for hacks to get all the MT actions onto the calendar and task list.





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There was an Outlook PST file to import. However, I also prepared a one-page Word doc summary of Manager Tools activites (annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly) with links to the corresponding podcasts.

PM me with your email address and I am happy to share. My document is a "one off" document and not an official Manager Tools document.

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I thought it was lost, but I found it!  It's here:

We'll put a link up on the downloadable forms page shortly.  I'm not going to guarantee the instructions still work, but hopefully, there is enough there for you to be able to use it.


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The title of the calendar is:

Manager Tools Recommended Actions Calendar

The describtion of the calendar is:

These are the actions we recommend managers take in order to be effective.

The URL is:

The URL in iCal format:

Can we ask MT to keep it up to date?