Are there more Communication Conferences planned for 2009?

How did the previous two go? I don't see any posts from attendees of the London or Austin conference, unlike the plethora of comments from the Manager's conference.


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The London Effective Communication Conference went really well.
Positive comments are on a recent thread London Jan 2009 -


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London is a bit misleading as Mark and Mike hosted an Effective Manager Conference and an Effective Communications Conference back to back where 50% of the attendees attended both. Agreed that you'll find comments embedded in the thread mentioned above.

As far as more Effective Communications Conferences? Yes....Mark and Mike are are currently revisiting the 2009 schedule to determine where and which conference (or both) makes the most sense with respect to attendee concentration and the economy at hand. London's targeted audience was much smaller than most of the past conferences hosted in the states, and the comments received around having a more intimate setting were worthy of strong consideration for future venues.

Stay tuned, I suspect you will see more info on the site in short order!

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