I am the Marketing Director in a midsized corporate owned hospital in Abilene, Texas.

So far, I 've loved the entire backlog of podcasts. Of course, as a VERY high "I", I've recommended you to all of my network!

There have been so many similarities in how you describe the "IT" world to the "Clinical" world of hospitals that I am a firm believer in this site. I need to be able to relate in my position to the clinical staff and not be offended by their no-nonsense approach, while understanding that they consider me to be "fluff."

So far, the most helpful to be was the podcast on "Internal Customers." After listening to it, I re-evaluated my department's role in the overall structure of the company and realized we needed to be much more aware of our internal customers and their needs. If we are not listening to what each service line needs in the way of Marketing, we could be outsourced to a more attentive agency!

I have enjoyed hearing feedback from the clinical peers who I turned on to this site. The Nursing Directors LOVE the forms!!! With the nursing shortage so critical, your previous podcast on retention has been passed around a lot, and we eagerly await future podcasts on this subject.

If you're ever headed up this way, let me know...I'd love to buy you lunch. I come down to Fburg at least quarterly and would love to meet up with you at the Brewery some time.

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Hi Debbie and welcome to the site.

[quote="debbie_mcclure"]The Nursing Directors LOVE the forms!!! [/quote]

As an ex nurse and married to a nurse I think I can say with confidence that all nurses love their forms :lol:


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Welcome to the forums Debbie... glad to have another VERY high "I" on board.


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Sorry this took me so long!

Glad you're with us. I have lots of experience in health care, and retention isn't what most of those in your business are telling you...


I don't get up to Abilene very much, as I fly to Lubbock to see my son at Tech. But if you're down here, give me some notice and would love to have lunch.