Here is a package I would buy:

-CD or DVD containing all the Manager Tools podcasts.
-Extra CD that includes all support files and documents related to the podcasts.
-Book or booklet that extends the information presented in each podcast.
-DiSC Behavioral Profile 2.0

What I would pay for this: $99.99 dlls.

What does everyone else think? It's just that coming here as a newbie, you suddenly get excited and want to download and copy all the information at once. It would be great to get it as a complete package.

Monterrey, Mexico

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I do believe that this would be a valuable item for some, but I'm not sure how big a market there is. I have archived copies of every MT podcast going back to the very first that I have created for myself, so the value to me is limited. Long-time listeners are likely to be in the same boat, or are more willing to go to the archives and pull up the old podcasts.

Now, if you waited a couple of months, put the entire first two years in the package along with the rest of the content Emilio proposes, you might have something. Moreover, it would be something that could be sold not just here, but through online and brick-and-morter retailers as well. Certainly the content far exceeds the majority of what those places sell know in real delievered value to the consumer. That is where I see the real value and opportunity in such a package.

I would even argue that packaging year 1 and year 2 as separate bundles for $45 - $50 apiece would be more effective. Knowing what is inside I know the content is worth far more than $100. But if I was an MT-neophyte I'm not sure that price point would attract me to buy. I would tend to see it as "a book on CD, and an expensive book at that." But I might me a lot more willing to make the first $50 investment, one that would lead me to willingly make the second as soon as I heard the content of the first.

Just my $.02.

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You forgot to include the 1 yr. subscription to the Premier Manager Tools online content in that price.

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A $180 value ($15 x 12) for $100 bucks, along with all the CDs and materials ... I agree, that *would* be a good deal. ;-)


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Did somebody say tax deduction? :)

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Steuben glass once increased sales by tripling the price of their product.