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Good morning,

I've been trying to reconcile how the management trinity can have four components. I've concluded that there ARE only three parts, but one part has two subparts (like almost every other podcast where M&M joke about having 13 3/4 steps 8) ). They are:
[list]1. One-on-Ones
2. Feedback
3A. Delegation: Work Assignments (typically just called "Delegation")
3B. Delegation: Professional Development (typically just called "Coaching")
I've heard M&M mention how there's a fourth silent partner in the trinity. I think having a 3A and 3B gives that silent partner equal voice.

I hope I've helped anyone who was similarly confused by how 4=3 is a valid construct.


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[b]Delegation[/b] = moving a task from your own desk to the desk of your direct so that the least expensive capable person is performing it and learning the next job up.

[b]Coaching[/b] = guiding your direct through a process of self-guided self-improvement.

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As the delegation and coaching podcasts make clear, you can delegate AND coach BOTH work assignments and professional development.

You have to accept that the 'trinity' has four parts. Consider it an in-joke.