Hi everyone,

last week, my long tenured direct managing our disability area resigned giving a 2 week notice.  She was truly the subject matter expert over our disability programs but has a solid staff in place.  Any advice anyone can give me on how to handle the transition?  I've asked my direct to put a plan in place and let me know all the areas her staff needs to pick up but is there anything else I should be doing?



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Benmark - 

Here are some suggested resources from Manager-Tools:

1.) Succession planning:

2.) Building your 'bench':

Those two topics (Succession planning & Building a bench) may help you if this situation happens, again. I'm trying to help folks who's questions have not received a reply, yet...I see that it's already been two weeks. I've not been in your specific situation. Perhaps, you're SME can suggest a staff member they think might be qualified to take on their old role. Hope some of this helps. Take what you like and leave the rest. Good luck!