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Feeling pumped! Months ago I asked 3 of our customer service department heads to roster on all their casual, part time and full time staff for a 3 hour paid call to attend a staff meeting. And tonight was the night; 5pm to 8pm. I ordered 13 pizzas and soft drinks which were delivered in the break half way through. The staff were stoked with that ;)

I ran it with Ground Rules - had an easel and sticky flip chart paper so that when each page was full I could stick them to the walls around the room.  I felt so professional... And so MT-like ;)

This was the first of more to come to provide consistent information from management (me on behalf of the entire senior management team) down to the floor staff. Some people told me that in 10 years of service, they had never had one of these types of meetings that involved their participation and input.

Just had to share :)