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I've got a few employees who want to improve in things like "pay more attention to small details" or "stay effective when under pressure". I'm having trouble converting those things into measurable goals, and I'm also having trouble finding resources to help with them.

Any suggestions?

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It should be possible to demonstrate those skills in a context relavent to your business. Staying effective under pressure could be handling demanding customers, presenting to a group, or working to a tight deadline. So how do those skills translate in your area?

Hope that helps - Sam

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Thanks, I think I can see what you mean for the "small details" one.

In our case "working under pressure" means that they have several tight-deadline projects in a row, where slippage on one will impact the others. This isn't a frequent occurrence, but it's critical to handle it well when it does happen. I'm trying to find a way to help my employees prepare for these projects before they happen again.