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Here's a fascinating article in the New York Times, describing a small-business and their challenges.  Here is where the owner decided to implement reviews, and dealt with a long-term employee who wasn't meeting the standards.  Compare and contrast this with the Corky Story.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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I get those posts coming through my RSS reader each day, and it's been like watching a car wreck in ultra slow motion.  Having had the grumpy performer on my team, and producing a different outcome largely through using MT guidance, I felt terrible about how it turned out in those articles.

Perhaps MT should have a "nominate someone for a licence" feature on the site somewhere; if enough people nominate someone, MT gives that person a free one-year subscription.  Could be a useful marketing tool, if nothing else.  Imagine a follow-up story from Paul Downs in the NYT about how he now realises he handled The Veteran all wrong, and he won't make the same mistakes again, all thanks to The Amazing Power of Manager Tools!