Going to try to keep this short, as there is a lot of details. I want to know how I can or if I should expedite rolling out the trinity and first 90 days of being a new manager.



I am a Project Manager for a big company (top 15 in the Fortune 500). Started 3 years ago. I have 10 years in industry.

My boss was recently reassigned (demoted) to a lesser role. He has been less than adequate since he started 2.5 years ago. 

My Director, who started 3 months ago has made HUGE changes in our organization and is “acting” PMO Manager for now. Recently he told me he wants me to apply for the PMO Manager job. This would be my first Manager role. It isn’t a slam dunk yet, but he has told me he wants me in that job.

His expectations are extremely high. He has basically been sent to our business to “fix” what has been wrong since we opened a new facility 3 years ago. 

I’ve been listening to MT for years, read the book, etc. Ready to roll out trinity. I believe in service leadership and want to do right by my business and those will be my reports. I’m excited and nervous, but don’t have the job yet. I fear my Director’s expectations and personality may not “allow” the full timeline we have all been told for trinity roll out.

He has expressed the need to make significant changes in what would be my organization with 60 days. 

Do I push back on his timeline?

Do I tell him I need 3-6 months to do what I need to build trust before making major decisions?

Has anyone been in a similar situation?


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build the relationships... don’t rush.


im confident that the O3s alone will generate improved performance.  I tried to rush it and it bit me in sacrificing the relationship.  You’ll learn a lot about your directs and you’ll have a weekly forum to ask them about priorities and build trust.