I am a "future" manager currently in a sales role at a mid-size private company. My current manager has been very helpful in answering questions and exposing me to opportunities outside of my current responsibilities knowing my career aspirations. I have exceeded sales goals each year and received high marks on my quarterly and annual reviews. Unfortunately, one-on-one's are not part of our company culture (currently), therefore I have to initiate any conversations around opportunities and my preparedness for the next level. Jack Welch warns of wearing your career goals on your sleeve! How often should career goals and progress be discussed with your current management? If my manager approves, should I approach higher levels to make sure they are aware of my accomplishments and goals?

I have gained so much knowlege from your podcasts. Today, I finally got caught up from day one! When given the opportunity, I plan to incorporate all that I have learned to inspire and lead a team to achieve great results!

Thanks again


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Glad you're all caught up! "Catching up" has become quite the phenomenon... Mike and I didn't really see it coming.

Also glad you're getting so much value from our work. I am sure that it will make you more effective now, and a better manager someday.

I would talk with your boss quarterly at most. I would be thinking about things like: job performance - how does it rate versus any "standard" for promotion consideration; development - what do you need to do short- and long-term to be ready; process - how does it work here, whom will I interview with, and what are the steps (and this includes interview prep); and finally, relationships - whom do you need to know better and how can your boss help that happen.

Based on the above, you can see that yes, there is involvement with "higher levels", but it's not something you overtly approach them about without talking to your boss and getting guidance (since he seems on your side).

Keep us posted!


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Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate the words and advice.

Keep up the great work!