I ran across this short biography of Peter Drucker, written shortly after his death by the author of his real (book-length) biography, Jack Beatty.

If you're even a little interested in the man behind the ideas, it's a quick and interesting read.

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Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading that tremendously. It was longer than I expected, might have taken almost 10 minutes to read.

I found it interesting to read about the man behind the writings. I have read some, though not by any means all, of Drucker's work. I always liked what he said. Now I see that I would have liked the man too.

I know that M&M are big Drucker fans. Reading this helped me understand why I enjoy MT and Mark & Mike as much as I do.

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This book may have already been mentioned in the forums. I recently "read" it on audio books (through [b]Inside[/b] [b]Drucker's[/b] [b]Brain[/b], by Jeffrey A. Krames. Most excellent!

The author had a series of in person, at Drucker's house, interviews which are quite un-heard of and Drucker spilled a lot of insight about himself and his works. Utterly fascinating.

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You can download this podcast and listen to the author of Inside Drucker's Brain talk about Drucker. It's interesting.

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Hey thanks, I will get it and have a listen.