Should I start doing O3s with my new directs (former skips) while waiting to replace the team leader?  How will they feel when I stop doing them when a new TL is hired?

One of my team leaders recently resigned so now I have his 3 directs reporting directly to me.  These people will go back to being skips once the team leader position is filled.  I had been doing O3s with the team leader, but had not progressed to the point where I had him start with his directs.

None of the team members have applied for the team leader position, and none are obvious choices for promotion, so I am now looking outside the organization.  I don't have a good idea how long it will take to fill the position, and I'm considering starting O3s with the team in the interim.

My concern is that we may get a few months down the O3 road when the new TL comes aboard and the team may feel I'm abandoning them.

Has anyone else been in this position?  How did you handle it?  Is it a mistake to start O3s when I fully expect to end them when the team leader is replaced (which will be as soon as possible)?


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In my view, more data is better. Further, if you do not regularly meet with this group of skips are you not already "abandoning" them?

To me, it seems a good way to build relationships and track activities. Who knows, you may be surprised by what you learn.

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I've got two reasons:

1) If I were one of those directs, and all of the sudden I'm being directly supervised by my boss' boss... I'd be terrified! Doing O3s may ease some of the tension and allow you to build a relationship with the team and help them continue to produce good results in the interim.

2) Starting the O3s with the team now would be a great way to introduce the process to them. When you do find a new TL, the process will already be in place and it will be one less thing to worry about when you bring a new person on board. They won't feel as abandoned if the new TL jumps right in and picks up where you left off.

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You both make a good case for starting the O3s, even if they're only for a short time.  I'll take that for action and get them scheduled.

I seem to remember a podcast, or maybe a forum thread, regarding how to back out when the new TL comes in.  Does anybody remember where that was?

I believe it would be counterproductive to just drop the O3s with the team and make them wait until the new TL is up to speed on O3s and ready to start them himself.  Do I continue with the team and have the new TL sit in?  Of course, this is all based on the assumption that I'll have to teach him about O3s, etc.


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