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I recently moved from the US to company headquarters in Europe as an expat to run global engineering operations of about 200 people. Here are some recent discussions that I would put into my HR delta file.

RE: Position Descriptions, as in, I asked for them from HR ...

"The previous manager said that if we have job descriptions then everyone will only work according to the job description and no one will go above and beyond like we need them to ... so we really don't have anything like what you have in the US."

... I can't wait to look at the performance reviews ...

RE: Individual input to the annual performance review tool ...

HR: "Individuals will be able to put their comments [on their annual performance] into the tool but only HR and the individual can view it. The managers will not be able to view the individual input unless this box is checked to give them access. "

Me: "Wait ... look ... The checkbox doesn't work, and in any case, what's the point of the feedback in the tool then? If the individual has a difference of opinion to that of the manager, we'll never know. How do we convince our direct reports that their concerns and feedback will be addressed? Not to mention it is a terrible waste of time for both the direct report and manager to enter the same thing."

HR: "The individual input is really only a space for notes for the discussion with their manager and most will probably not use it anyway."


The same or similar issues exist around the world so I know it's not 100% cultural. The problem is that it is ingrained throughout the organization (not just in engineering) so there is a tremendous amount of inertia to overcome. My approach will start the same way ... O3's, feedback, coaching ... it must become viral for change to occur. It clearly will not start elsewhere.

Anyone had similar experiences?