How is everyone here? It has been a while since I have visited the Manager Tools website; I have listened to stacks of their podcasts, and learnt so much. I just checked and I have been a member for 3 years! WOW!
I work in Brisbane, and in fact some of my clients follow Manager Tools, so it makes for a great working relationship, as we speak the same language.
I run a small business consulting business, and employ a few staff. They have described working for me as ‘work utopia’ and that largely comes back to what I have learnt here at Manager Tools.
I however have a problem with recruitment. I am not very good at it, and I need some help. I am small business, and I do not have the $5000 to throw at recruitment agencies.
I have been burnt a few times in the past, which is a time consuming and draining experience.
I had this vision of employing mums, on a flexible basis, allowing them to work the hours they wanted, and providing them with heaps of support. For some people this worked out and others it did not – I have had issues with unprofessional behaviour, and disrespectful treatment of clients.
This is my fault I lack the skills in recruiting, and perhaps putting together a formalised training induction, and other areas I am unaware of and I need some help.
I am not exactly sure what I need. I think I need someone to look at my business and give me some structure to the recruitment process -> job advert->interview process->selection criteria. 
Is there anyone based in Brisbane, Australia who can help me?
Please contact me if you can help.
Heather Smith (Twitter @myobtrainer)

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Hi Anise,

I'm a recent M-T follower and am working my way through the podcasts. I've purchased their Interview set, but I've also looked through the free podcasts around effective hiring. I've been thrown into hiring without much help in the past and fortunately hired well most of the time (except one). Here was the list I came up with: The two stand-out interviews are the ones in italics and bold.

Recruiter Podcasts from Manager-Tools

6/12/2010 - The Career Tools Rule of Job Applications - 75% 
4/5/2010 - LinkedIn for Managers
4/2/2010 - How to Get Start with LinkedIn (2 parts)
1/29/2010 - How to Transfer Between Industries/States/Countries (2 parts)
12/14/2009 - Favorite Candidate Interview Preparation (2 parts)
12/4/2009 - External Interviews and Careers - Chapter 1
11/6/2009 - Career Fairs (2 parts)
6/19/2009 - The Rule of 50 - Staying in Touch with Your Network
3/16/2009 - Deciding Between Two Good Candidates
2/9/2009 - How to Handle Two Viable Job Candidates
1/9/2009 - Maintain Recruiter Relationships
12/15/2008 - Smart Interviewing in a Downturn
9/29/2008 - 5 Ways to Master Horstman's 3rd Law of Interviewing (2 parts)
6/2/2008 - How to Create a Simple Behavioral Interview Question
5/12/2008 - How to remember names
4/28/2008 - Meal Interviews
4/14/2008 - The Manager Tools Talent Scouting Averages
4/7/2008 - The Interview Results Capture Meeting
2/11/2008 - How to Introduce People
12/20/2007 - How to Handle a Group Interview
9/17/2007 - Horstman's Wagers
8/27/2007 - How to Handle Pre-Employment Testing 
6/20/2007 - How to Prepare for an Interview 
4/23/2007 - Effective Hiring: Set the Bar High!
12/22/2006 - Quick and Dirty Interviews
10/31/2006 - Interviews - the introduction
10/2/2006 - Contact recruiters
9/4/2006 - Meal Etiquette (2 parts)
6/19/2006 - Basics of Mentoring 
5/9/2006 - Building a Network
3/21/2006 - How to Handle Headhunters (Executive Recruiters) (2 parts)
10/31/2005 - Your resume stinks
10/3/2005 - Performance Improvement Through Effective Hiring
The other thing I wanted to mention, was that your work environment (working mums, working from home, flexible hours they want) sounds very similar to a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). The key is to setting crystal clear expectations from the beginning and being able to measure the results. It tends to weed out the poor performers.  
I don't know if that helps any...I muddling through the help provided on M-T and have already found leaps and strides in improvements in the way I do things.

Jennifer Borek


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Thank-you so much.  Michelle Ross of has helped me develop position descriptions, so we know what the goal is!

I have also accidently hired someone, someone who has been around for a while, and it seems to be working out.

I will listen to the podcasts you have highlighted again - thank-you.

Heather Smith