BLUF: First supervisor role in several years - will be leading a team of 30+ across 2 shifts. What is the best way to implement the trinity upon stepping into the role?

I should be relocating to a new role within my company some time in the next 3-4 weeks.
I have tentatively accepted the position and should have a formal offer in the next few days (I know, until I have something I have nothing).
The hiring manager flew me down last week for the interview and called me 2 days later to tell me that I have the job if we can come to an agreement on the offer.
My concern is that this group has not had any formal leadership in the last couple of years (they desperately want it though) and that I will need to balance demands on them from 3 different value streams.
Add to this concerns about hazardous chemical handling, job safety, and helping them to identify what process improvements are needed, then making those happen.
In addition to moving between states for this position (I am going "home" to California), learning a new site/division, I need to jump in there and be supportive of them right off the bat.
My typical method is to move slowly so that I can gain an understanding of the needs and help to direct the employees to self identification of these.
I do not believe that my new manager wants too much of a delay in this and I know that the other to value stream managers want quick action on helping to balance the flow through this section.
This team essentially handles the chemical treatment and painting of new production units before either going back into their flows for final assembly or off to QA for final shipment.
I need to get moving quickly once I get on site but in a way that makes my DR's feel valued and protected by me.

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Just follow the Trinity and going fast is not recommended.  Check out the podcasts on the first 90 days. 

Congrats on the new role!


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I agree with Dawne,

Follow the advice in the casts on the first 90days.  Take your time to get to know your team members and all the players that they interact with and who are stakeholders for your org.  It's fine to start meetings where you listen to their concerns and suggestions for change and improvement.  Just don't start making any changes too soon unless the requests are universal.  Try something too soon, and you normally find out there were impacts you didn't anticipate.

On the supporting your team side, I am sure you will find many good things that they are doing.  Acknowledging what you see as being good should help you build trust and respect.  There is a cast on feedback before it's time that you may wish to make use of.

With your boss, clarify the priorities.  Clarify your role and responsibilities.  What are your bosse's goals?  How can you align to his/her goals?

Good luck


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Sorry about my dreadful use of apostrophes above.

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Re the new job: Go slow. Fit in, fit in, fit in. Link to the first of the 90 day new job casts here:

Re rolling out the trinity, Go here:

That link will take you to "Step by step instructions for rolling out One-on-Ones, Feedback, Coaching and Delegation in an interactive email series. Over 100 emails over the course of 12 months. A year's worth of support."