Anyone from Italy?

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One? When will you arrive?

I am planning to come (all the 60km) on the Monday evening, and would be happy to know of anyone else that will be there for a pre-conference get-together.

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I'll be there on Monday evening as, I think, the majority of the attendees.

I don't know how was for the US MT conferences but, in some way, the show might start there :)


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I'm not from Italy, but I can say boungiorno, come sta?

and hello, hoe u bent? for rwwh.

Anyone coming from somewhere that I need to learn hello, how are you? for? I'd like to do my preparation!


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I can't speak Italian, but I would be very happy to join the group.
I will arrive by car Monday evening.
Do you know who will attend ?

I am like a kid before Christmas.

Wendy : can you say something in French for me please ?


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Bonjour, comment'allez vous? C'est un plasir.

Whenever my parents visit France they always bring me back a meringue. So I also know: Je voudrais un meringue sil'vous plait!

Wendii :-)

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Great ! Thank you.

We say "une" meringue (this is a "female" word). I'll try to do my best to pass a meringue through the customs ...

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Ced.. dang those gender specific languages!



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Cant wait to meet you all. I can fully connect with the kid at Christmas comment Cedwat.

I am flying in late Monday afternoon. Wendii is booked on the same flight. Hopefully they will have cleared the Heathrow runway by then, otherwise we will be swimming the Channel!

Dinner in the hotel? It sounds like Mark and Mike will be prepping for Tuesday, but will pop in to say hi.


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Hi everyone!

I live in the Netherlands so I wouldn't normally be hanging around Schipol, but I would make a trip there if people are getting together for dinner. Just let me know when and where.

EDIT: OK, just saw the post with the time and the place. See you all Monday night!