Dale Carnegie

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This review was submitted by mauzenne.

This book really IS a classic, and a perennial best seller... because it should be.  These simple, basic truths about people withstand the test of time: "A person's name, to that person, is the sweetest sound in any language".  Like it or not, you need to remember people's names.  Those who do outperform those who don't. 

There are two other books in this genre that we also like: Never Eat Alone, and Love is the Killer App.  If you like How to Win, you'll love these two as well.  Buy this book, especially if you're an IT person or an engineer.  Mike and I are, so we can say that. ;-)

A classic.


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 I was surprised when I read "How To Win Friends." I have known of the book for decades and knew how important it is. I finally ready it this year and was startled at how many of the concepts have become standard practice, or at least common knowledge, in today's society. 


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I'm listening to the audiobook of "Love is the Killer App".   It has some interesting things to say, but quite a bit of name dropping and self-promotion.   i'll check out the Carnegie book next.


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