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Hi Everyone! 

I know I am not crazy.  I know after many years of pocast listening, we have heard Mike, Mark and the awesome team talk about things we should be doing every month, quarter and year. 

For example, we need to review and update our resume and ongoing career document(s).  But there are other things that I think may exist in a resource that has been shared here before. 

I searched for a comprehensive list that I think may have been posted before.  I looked a few different ways without luck.  Now I am asking the "hive mind" for help. 




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•Stay In Touch ( )
•One on Ones ( )
•Staff Meetings ( - )
•Networking Lunch ( )
•Weekly Report To Boss ( )
•Weekly Review of Annual Goals ( )

•Monthly Retention Question ( How's It Going Overall? - Ask Every Direct in Your One on One - )
•Monthly Project Progress Meetings

•Update Resume ( )
•Printed Contact and Recruiter Lists ( - )
•Quarterly Retention Report ( * Notes )

•Set Annual Goals ( - - )
•Preparing For Your Annual Review (over 12 weeks) ( - )
•Annual Review For Directs ( )
•Deliver Annual Reviews For Directs ( - )
•Prepare Annual Review For Directs ( - )

* Notes on Quarterly Retention Report
>Each Quarter Write Up A Retention Report On Your Team
   •Schedule 30 Minutes - You Might Need An Hour
>A Word Document With A Part For Each Team Member
   •Rate Each Team Member On Performance And Risk Of Loss
   •Give Each Of Your Team A Rating Of High/Med/Low
   •This Comes From Your Work With Them Over The Last Quarter/Years, And Your Analysis Of The Various Factors That Go To Their Likelihood Of Sticking Around
>Capture Some Notes Of Recent Behaviors, Comments, Etc. That Support Your Assessment

Here is a link to the calendar itself:

A link to the previous thread:


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Oh my goodness!  I was hoping for a quick link or a short commment but this response is SO MUCH BETTER than I woul dhave ever imagined.  Thank you! 

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Agreed, very helpful. I remember learning about the google calendar a while back, but couldn't recall where. Just added the calendar to my calendar. Thank you.