BLUF: What is the manager tools guidance on rolling out the trinity and the first 90 days in a new position?

I just started a new position in a new organization. I am following the manager tools guidance to not introduce new initiatives in the first 90 days. The team I'm managing has gone through alot recently. They are in need of feedback and management. I've been meeting with them to understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as to initiate building relationships with them through the general onboarding process.

I would like to start O3's soon and want to make sure I'm not tripping myself up in doing so. However, I can't remember (or find) the MT guidance regarding the trinity in the first 90 days. I thought I saw/heard something about it, but have not been able to locate it.

If anyone knows the answer or has a link to the podcast discussing this, please let me know. 
Thank you! 

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There's a cast for that. Also the personal license has a series of rollout emails that come with it. When I had a personal license I don't think that feature was a part of it, so I can't comment from first hand knowledge.

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The Trinity Roll-Out emails are one of the best single products MT has. You can find it

It is included with the personal liscence and includes step-by-step procedures to roll this out effectively. 

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I am in the middle of rolling out O3s and the MT Trinity for the first time ever after being an individual contrbutor and an avid MT and CT listener for years.  The Roll-out emails are an amazing prodcut.  Worth the price of my personal license.  Highly recommended.

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Thanks everyone. I've had a personal license for many years now. I agree the roll out email are terrific. I enjoyed them every day that  I received them when they originally came out.

I was really looking for info regarding Mark's recommendation to not start new initiatives in the first 90 days of a new job, in relation to launching the Trinity. I'm having trouble finding anything about that specifically. 

That being said, I've gone ahead a started the Trinity with my directs, and set up the rollout emails to restart.