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This is a question one of my directs recently asked of me. Having never really comtemplated the question before, I found it a bit hard to answer and quite difficult to answer directly. 

What I came up with really came down to, "make sure you're doing the right things and trust your direct to let you know if they need anything from you."

  • Perform weekly O3's and let the direct lead the conversation. Build trust. Build a good relationship. 
  • Track results. Set measurable and timely goals and track results towards those goals.

My explanation was that:

  1. if he has a good relationship witht he direct and goals are being met, then he must be providing his directs what they need
  2. if he has a good relationship witht he direct and goals are not being met then he should trust his directs to be honest when asked about what they need to achive the goals.
  3. if he doesn't have a good relationship with his directs, he is not providing them what they need. 

What thoughts to you have?

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How does your direct communicate what he/she/they need from you? Ask them to think about that, and then I think all of your points with that cover it and give your direct what they need to consider on the topic.

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I have found it quickest and easiest in this situation to just ask.  "Hey, what else do you need from me?"  Sometimes I make suggestions when I observe something relevant, such as for a high-S learning to work more easily with a high-D.

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I love the comment, just ask! You should have lots of communication with your directs and asking what they need from you is a great question. Also, if your directs are or are not meeting goals, they should be getting frequent performance based communication telling them what to keep doing or what they can adjust! If you have built that trust through One On Ones our Feedback Model can help!