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After recently joining a new company, my new boss left the company. I will be involved in the interviewing process for my new manager. What should I definitely ask and what topics should I avoid?

I've created an interview from the Interview Creation Tool. There are questions there that I'm not sure it's appropriate for me to ask (budgets, "planned for changes in talent/human relationships"). There are also questions that could be mis-interpreted in our software development environment. If we ask about "how you helped someone develop", that might not come across the right way. I'll work on updating those questions myself before the interview. ("How did you help someone grow their personal or work skills?" or something like that...)

As a Director, what questions would you like to be asked by your potential future directs in an interview? What questions should I make sure that I avoid (besides the obvious ones already pointed out in several casts)?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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hi. as a current Director I would feel quite akward if a potential future direct were to be involved in the interview process.  I also think a Director would or should be able to answer a question of 'how you helped someone develop' without the more specific 'grow their personal or work skills' statement.  It's sort of implicit that that's the sort of development we would be talking about..

My advice would be to first discuss with your fellow panellists and agree on your role in the interview process.  the Chair will be able to give you guidance on this.  i.e. your role may not be to come up with all the questions, or to assess their ability to manage budgets or plan for change, it may just be to determine their potential 'fit' with team and organizational culture.

Whatever it is, get it articulated, and go from there.. good luck..




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] I would feel quite akward if a potential future direct ...

] what questions would you like to be asked by your potential future directs in an interview?

I work in higher education and future directs are almost invariably involved in the search process for administrative positions throughout the institution.

Portential questions, independent of reporting status, include asking about leadership style, how one would get to know the team, and describing how one would help develop others are all (to me) completely legitimate questions to ask.