I hate to ask but I am prepping for an interview - I have yet to be called but I am hoping as it is an internal position.

I have written down questions that may be asked along with my answers.

Would someone mind looking it over and offering feedback?

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Feel free to message me with what you have.

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Thank you, I am sending it now.

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I interviewed for two jobs this week.  I felt confident and prepared.  Thank you!

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"Until you have something, you've got nothing."

Link to Mark Horstman video talking about this here:


Remember to follow up with a thank you note. Keep your nose to the grind stone. Unitl you've got an don't have an offer.

You've probably already bought this, but, you might want to consder checking out the Interviewing Series product from Manager/Career Tools. Link to it here:


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Ok I am try to send message and contect to you soon