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Hi guys,

I was wondering how do I introduce the 10-10-10 rule into my already existing one-on-ones? Please see below for background information. Thanks, Alex


I have 6 directs and when I started managing them, I instigated a weekly one-on-one meeting. It goes for 30 mins and starts with the direct debriefing me on all the current projects going on that they are managing. They normally talk for the first 20 minutes and I will ask some questions in between (some will talk the entire 30 minutes). I have been doing this for 3 years now with my directs.



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The easiest way to change something is to get those involved to agree that the change is for the better. So, bring up the fact that this has become a debriefing instead of its purpose, which is to build a business relationship. The debriefing can be done in weekly staff meetings instead of the O3.

Disclaimer: I've not rolled out O3s yet myself. The above is how I do any changes. I inform those involved (not always my directs) of what I perceive to be the problem, what I believe needs to be done to solve the problem, and what changes I intend to make to implement the solution. Usually, I get additional ideas that I try to incorporate into the solution. Note that how I inform about the three - problem, solution, implementation - is done in different methods. I almost never lay out the plan as "already decided and set in stone." As a probable High-I, here's how I might do it:

"The purpose of the one-on-ones is for us to build a professional relationship. They seem to have become detailed staff meeting follow ups. The model for these O3 meetings is ten minutes for you to talk about what you want to talk about, then ten minutes for me to talk about what I want to talk about, with the final ten minutes to address the future. How about next week you come in here and tell me anything you want, other than a debriefing of your project status? If I want to know about your project, I'll use my ten minutes to discuss it, or we can put it into the 'future' section of the O3? What do you think about this idea?"

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Of course, MT has a podcast for that.  I also note that you said your team spends the first 20 minutes updating you on their project status.  If you recall from the original format, the first 10 minutes is for them to talk to you about anything they want.  Some will only want to talk about work but I'm sure with a little effor on your part you can follow up on anything personal to help develop your relationship.  i.e.  how are you settling into your new home, how's the cat, are you really sad the Canucks are out of the playoffs (hehehe)...

Best wishes!


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 Good advice and thanks for your input. I guess the hard part of establishing one on ones is already done, I just need to communicate the slight change in structure and get their acceptance to give it a go.