Have there ever been any forum discussions or casts that discuss creating a 30/60/90 plan for interviewing? (I can't recall any casts that discuss this, but I could be wrong).

I will soon be interviewing for an internal position and it's sort of an unwritten rule at my firm that hiring managers expect candidates to have a 30/60/90 plan without specifically asking for one. I'm curious if there are any general guidelines around what types of activities and objectives I should be thinking about for each section in my plan.




See Manager Tools' guidance on Interviewing here.

thebeezer's picture - What you plan to do with your team - What you plan to do to understand your customers - How you plan to set goals once you understand your team and customers

I'd say an answer built around these three elements would be well received and something you could actually use if you accept an offer.


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I've recently taken a new position and was asked the same question. My answer was:

In the first 30 days I plan to learn about my new group, their strengths and weaknesses, the deliverables, and what we need to do to be effective.

At the end of 30 days, I will describe where I want the group to be on day 90 in terms of SMART goals. Working backwards, I will create an action plan with milestones I should achieve by day 60.

On the 30th day I reviewed my assessment, the 60 day milestones, and the 90 day targets with my new boss. Having done a prewire, I was confident of a positive outcome.

So far, so good. My only complaint is that I'm loosing so many of my 90 days to the holidays. Hope that helps and good luck!- Sam