Hi Everyone,

My name is Bjorn. I am brand new. Not only am I new to the forum, I am new to management. I was minted yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that now that I had a fancy schmancy title, it was assumed I know what I am doing. I so don't.

It's a good kind of scared. I am honered to have been chosen to lead, and have been craving the challenge. Now I just want to deliver the same kind of results I did as a salesperson.

I have been force feeding myself the podcasts. I just signed up for the premium content. So as I get through that I hope to find actual models of one one one note pages and other such guides. But if you folks have some shortcuts, I start doing one on ones in two days and have 5 interviews for sales people on Friday, including one for my old position on Friday, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you kindly.



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Best of luck.  Your desire to do well will go a long way in helping you attain that goal.

Now, for what you asked for.

One on Ones - form on this page


If you have time, purchase the interviewing series.  This series is to prep you to interview but it does not take much of a leap to take from it how t0 ask questions in an interview.  Here are a few links to free content that will also help you

1. Quick and Dirty Interviews

2. How to Answer the Leadership Style Question

3. How to Handle the Interview Weakness Question

4. The Interview Results Capture Meeting

Also, from the interviewing series (these links are only available if you choose to purchase this content)

5. How To Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself'

6. How To Answer Behavioral Interviewing Questions

7. Two Examples of Behavioral Interviewing Questions

Currently, we are interviewing for a position in our company.  The questions will not directly apply, but if you PM me, I would send you the template we use.  It would give you an idea of what others are asking.

Again Bjorn, Good Luck and Congratulations!



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Thank you Chris. That's awesome. I appreciate your effort and comments.

Kind Regards,


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In your post you don't say whether you are cramming on the main feed or the Member's Only feed or already working through the Premium feed. No matter what, I recommend starting with the Basics feed. Subscribe to it in addition to the Premium Content feed. Hit the Get All button in iTunes and start working from the beginning. In there you'll get the Rolling Out the Trinity cast with more details on getting started.

Make sure you've hit the Get All on the Premium feed because the main feed is just the most recent 60 or so episodes. You'll want to get everything from the beginning.

Trying to decide how to work through approximately 300 episodes is daunting. I like to pick a topic and do a search in the All Podcasts section of the website. With that list handy I create a Playlist, like "MT-Hiring", and drag the episodes from the Podcasts area into that Playlist. Now you have a single topic all together. You can include the same episode in many Playlists.

Eventually you'll want to listen to all of the episodes, and it sounds like you're well on your way. This is a great shortcut. It is also great because down the road you'll find yourself challenged with something related to DISC or Feedback. Just sync this playlist again and do a mini refresher course.

San Diego

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Congratulations. As mentioned by EHYDE111 your desire for growth already sets you apart. You're fortunate to have found MT at this early stage in your management career. I have been compiling a list of Mgmt 101 casts for my first level managers ... these are my so-called 'keep-out-of-jail' podcasts that provide valuable advice you're hard pressed to find. Here's the link to my recent comment. Hope you can use it.

- x

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To Jack and Xcelerator, thank you both for the additional comments. Sorry for not responding earlier, I did read and act on both of your suggestions. My region is half the country and my directs are remote, so needless to say I have been on the road. Wow. I can't believe how much work it is to hire. I have 3 open territories, it is taking all my time. I feel bad as I haven't even really gotten into working with my team.

Anyway, I will continue to work through the premium content and the "keep-out-of-jail" podcasts. The one-on-one email goes out tomorrow. I used the template with some revisions.

All the best,


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Thanks for sharing that grouping.  I bought all of my DRs iPODs for Christmas this year just to put the MT podcast on them.  I'll be discussing the podcasts in our O3's and this is a great direction after the basics.