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In this podcast: there was talk of the work management spreadsheet. I loved the idea, and am building my own. However, was wondering if there was a downloadable version somewhere, so i could check it out.


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Parts 2 and 3 of that cast are coming - and we're working out how to best provide a version you can use.

Best regards,


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Thanks, look forward to it!

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Have used one for a while, but looking for ways to enhance it. great idea and thanks for sharing

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Thanks so much for considering giving us a version we can implement on our own.'s picture
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Hi Wendii

Any idea when part 3 of the Works Management spreadsheet will be available or perhaps the shownotes?  I've started implementing this as I think it is great idea but I am struggling with some of the conditional formatting.

Best wishes,


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@Wendii - love this tool, but can't figure out how to reverse engineer it. All I really want is a sample of a single row with the formulas available - I can figure the rest out from the podcasts and the PDF image.

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Contribute as you see fit. Keep it simple please

Copy Template by column and paste only the values (Ctrl-Shift-V) when creating a new project

I've set 4 rules for conditional formating

- contains done = green
- past deadline = red
- 1 to 2 days due = yellow
- more than 3 days due = green

Remaining Items

- How to easly mark done on a task. As of now, one has to type "done - d MMM YY"

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I tinkered with your spreadsheet.  Look at the comments I made in three of the cells.

I'm having trouble in your spreadsheet and mine getting all the conditional formatting rules to work, especially toward the end.  I've tried rearranging them like Wendii said, but still can't get them all to apply like I want.

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In the PDF example, row 4, task 1, Sarah is responsible for the task "Add conference to website". 

What if Sarah was responsible for "LAX EMC/ECC" (column F) and a different person was responsible for "AUS EHMC/EMC/ECC" (column G)? 

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That's a good question!  We actually do have tasks like that.  The person responsible is "Presenter", and whichever presenter is going to present at the conference is responsible.  Since their name is at the top of the column in the header data, we always know who to chase.

We do have scripts that create "red sheets" which show each person's red tasks, and that script that looks up the presenter to know who is responsible.  They're written in Google Script, and we had a great guy do those for us, because it's beyond me!



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What do you recommend for projects where each project is different than the previous or other projects in the organization? For example:

  • Build new website
  • Build HR Employee Handbook
  • New corporate location

Each of these are projects but have different tasks associated with them and if this is the first/only time the project is being done then many of the tasks/deliverables will be unknown. You know what tasks are due with EMC and ECC because you've done them over and over and even have different named sheets for different types of projects (Cypress vs the sheet used for podcasts for example).





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we have lots of projects like that.  For example, we just spun up virtual conferences, and we had no plan for how to do that.  My best answer is in three parts:


Don't spend more than 1/3 of the time planning.  No plan survives first contact with the enemy :-)


Super small, frequent tasks & actions.  It's way easier to think about the next couple of steps than the whole project.


Who does what by when?


Does that help?


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Hey all! Just sharing that the excel is now available for download.

Have a great day,


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Hey! I now also need to work on Work Management Spreadsheet. Can someone help me on the given topic?

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I hope there's someone who can give me some advice

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what help do you need?