This cast describes the Manager Tools Revised Coaching Model.

Coaching is the least often used tool among the Management Trinity. There are some good reasons for it. One on Ones are the most powerful, and once managers start O3s they never want to let them go. Feedback happens next, but it's hard for many of us, and so we stumble. Many of us are afraid of introducing conflict, and fear increased turnover (even though of course the opposite is the case.) And if we can't get through feedback, it's unlikely we're going to embrace the coaching. Feedback takes seconds, but coaching takes months, right?

But there's another reason, one that we address with this cast. Despite the fact that the original model works well, it was too complicated for too many managers. We know this because so few of us were using it. That's a shame, because it's not that hard. But, as we've said before, we're realists here at Manager Tools and Career Tools. Horstman's 9th Law: Embrace Reality. This cast simplifies the Manager Tools Coaching Model from seven steps to four, and makes this important concept much more accessible.

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