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Congratulations on the promotion.

If the job description or new title is flexible…one could argue for explicitly statingyou remain the senior-most IT leader or have the title “Director of Operations and CIO”, “Chief Information and Operations Officer”, or “Director of Operations and Information Technology”. I can see why, however, you would see how a COO title fits. I *personally* do not concern myself too much with titles—the portfolio of responsibilities speaks more loudly when I go into interviews.

There are casts which may fit your situation too:


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Thank you very much Tom. We spoke today and I threw out "Executive Director of Operations" and he is going to sleep on it. In our area of the country, a "Director of Operations" is often the "Maintenance Guy" or "Transportation & Facilities Guy", it rarely includes the Financial & IT part of the portfolio. I think ED of Ops speaks more to that. Worth a shot.

And thanks for the kind words. Call me whatever you want, I'm very excited about this new portfolio of responsiblities. I can't wait to get started.