I will be leading my company's sales efforts including 11 directs that are scattered all across the US.  One of quick changes I plan to implement is a sales kickoff call to cover appts/key meetings for the upcoming week as well as successes from the previous week.  With a team scattered around the country is it best to just wait until late morning on monday's to do this?  Any other suggestions?  i could split it but want to start formulating my leadership with the team as a whole.  Thanks.

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Are you following the "Fit in, Fit in, Fit in" rule?  If not, is there a compelling (ie, urgent) need to do so?  

If there is already a weekly team meeting, use that time slot.  You can move the meeting time after you've established whether the old time slot is working or not. 

How are going about building the support for the changes you intend to make?  Here are a couple podcasts that might help you think through your strategy here:

Your enthusiasm is commendable and understandable - temper it with some hardnosed realism about change. 

John Hack