Mark & Mike, and others in the MT community:

I'm writing to suggest that new members receive an introductory email that describes the various areas and resources available on the site.

Speaking from personal experience, it's taking me awhile to understand the web site setup. It's different from the less interactive web sites I normally visit. Gradually discovering all these amazing resources [i]has[/i] been fun. There were also times that my learning would have been enhanced if I had a better handle on what is available here.

This introductory email might also ask new members to post their bio on the appropriate forum. I've noticed that relatively few members have posted bios. I think it would enhance our communication effectiveness on the other forums if we worked on our relationships a bit, don't you?

If folks like the idea, I would be happy to write a first draft of the email. I am NOT technically savvy. (You probably already guessed that.) What I'd write is a short descriptive sentence or two about each of the resources, their location, and how they function. Others with more know-how could add links or graphics, and fix my mistakes.

What do you think? Would anyone read such an email or use it as a resource? Is there a better way that people could get familiar with the site? Am I the only newbie who'd never really visited a blog before?

Of course, I listened carefully to the podcasts on management communications, so if you think I should give up my job so MT can fly me around the world to welcome new members face-to-face, I'd be willing to consider it. :wink:

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[quote="rthibode"]Is there a better way that people could get familiar with the site?[/quote]

Hello Rachelle. I've been listening to the 'cast (and reading the site) since November '05 and have recommended it to many colleagues, many of whom have asked me to help them "get started" on the site.

What I suggest is to use the links on the left of the page, the 'List of All Podcasts' and 'List of All Articles' under 'Archives' are good places to start to soak in all of the past topics. It is also my humble opinion that new listeners should start by reviewing the 'casts on Coaching, Feedback and One-on-Ones which you can find in the 'Tools' section of links.

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Dave summed up very well the recommendations that I give to people when I refer them to this site. From my manager, to my best friend, to my new lead, I constantly and consistently refer them to the website; suggest they start with the O3, feedback, and coaching podcasts and tools; and register on the site for access to all the free registered-user goodies.

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Some others suggested a MT Beginners Page back in January and started putting content together for it. [url= this post[/url].

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Thanks everyone. Following the link from itilimp, it looks like something useful already exists. I'll use it to guide friends & colleagues. Also sounds like Mike & Mark have something in the works -- they're always thinking!

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The outline of my email that I've been sending out to friends and coworkers starts off with:

I have a recommendation for a great resource I have found called the -- Manager Tools podcast.

I have been listening nearly non-stop since July 2006 and I've found nearly every bit of advice extremely helpful.

- The site is:
- The forum is at:

The things I've learned:

- I was not taking my role as a manager seriously, and thus not seriously working on improving nor being responsible to the requirements of being a manager.

- I was not thinking about relationships and people (ie. their feelings), I was only worried about my needs and getting things done (at no matter what cost)

- Meeting regularly with everyone on my team via 1on1s is extremely powerful

- Continual improvement on communications skills is the single biggest performance boost potential I can provide to my customer

Let me know if you'd like to chat more about this.

I usually customize them and put them in some sort of context.



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My apologies for my delay.

I think this is a great idea. Mike and I have had this on our plates, and simply haven't made it happen. We had intended to wait for a tech upgrade last year, but we waited too long and were OBE.

Would love to hear more ideas for the site: it's for members, so member recommendations mean a lot.

Again, I regret my absence.