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Listen to the practical, actionable information you need to successfully manage your team and have a successful career, available wherever and whenever you are..

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Management Basics

Just starting your management journey? We have specific recommendations about what casts ought to come first in your development.


Effective Relationships

Do you feel like you and your boss speak different languages? Ever wonder why it's easier to talk to some of your directs than others? Effective Relationships will answer those questions for you...and more!


Learn in Person

The Effective Manager Conference

We teach you HOW to deliver each part of the Management Trinity and how to roll it out. You will practice feedback, coaching and delegation multiple times. We answer every question you have about how to use these tools to become a more effective manager.

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The Effective Communications Conference

You don't realise how much your communication style is a deeply ingrained habit. 75% of the time at work your natural style actually gets in your way We're going to teach you to see other styles, and change your own. It'll be hard, because you'll be uncomfortable, but you'll be amazed at how well it works.

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