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Results Through Relationships

Do you feel like you and your boss speak different languages? Ever wonder why it's easier to talk to some of your directs than others? Effective Relationships will answer those questions for you...and more!

Using DiSC you can identify your natural communication style as well as that of your boss and your directs. For each DiSC combination of boss and direct (for example I'm a D, My Boss in a C or I'm an I, My Direct is an S), there's a three hour cast plus shownotes explaining how to communicate, report and email more effectively.

Learn how to give your boss and your directs what they want. Because Effective Relationships create better results.

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If you're new to Manager Tools, start with the Manager Tools "Basics" — a special collection of podcasts on the essentials of effective managerial behavior. With these essentials under your belt, you'll be ready to enjoy all the Manager Tools advanced material.

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We're returning to London in September, Sydney in October and Shanghai in October!

We've also posted our 2015 conference schedule with most conferences already open for registration. Check them out!

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