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How does one respond to "What are your salary requirements" during an interview?

Through my research (glassdoor), I have learned that a company I am interviewing with often asks for your salary requirements. I believe this to be different than expectations. The salary expectations question is easy...there's a cast for that!

Long story short, this is a company I would LOVE to work for and would be willing to take less than my expectations (~80k) as I see a lot of up-sides to working here. I could make approximately $65K and meet my budgeting goals (or even 60 if need be). The range on glassdoor is 62-110 with the average being 81. 80 is also in line with other firms who do similar work in the industry.

I am considering responding to this question in several ways:

"My requirement is 65K."

"My requirement is at least 65K with my expectation around 80K"

"My expectation is 80K based on my research" (Dont like this one)

What would you recommend? Thanks for the help!

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The question about salary requirements is the same as salary expectations, just different words.  Answer as per MT for salary expectations.  The employer isn't asking about your household budget and it's different for everyone, meaning they don't get to pay the single person less than the employee with 5 kids or they don't get to factor in your spouses income into what to pay you.  It's market driven and personal choices.

Hope you get asked the question and are successful in the role.


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This is a  helpful post for the candidates who are preparing for an interview especially freshers. It's tricky questions and you need to answer it smartly. So, you can answer it like “I’m more interested in finding a position that’s a good fit for my skills and interests. I’m confident that you’re offering a salary that’s competitive in the current market.”

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I would treat the questions(requirements vs expectations) as identical. I know they are not, but in a practical sense they are.
If the question asks for a number, The first words out of your mouth ought to be a number. Given the research you've done, I would say your expectation is to receive market value - which it sounds like you know. Of your choices above I prefer the third - I might say something like, "I believe the position is worth $80k." You could respond even more succinctly: "$80k."
The best advice is in the Interview Series: It is well worth the value.

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Thank you for the responses everyone! I will go forward assuming it is the same question!