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Thanks to all of you who make this community effective.

I just started my first managerial position in a nicer corporate restaurant. 3 MGRs on my team; about 40 directs (mostly high 'I's of course)

1) What, if anything, is different about O3s when it is your direct's 2nd job? 

2) What are best practices for coordinating a managing team to share O3 responsibilities?


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1) Stick to the guidelines for Rolling Out the Trinity.  After you have progressed to the stage of constructive feedback with your directs, begin requiring them to hold O3s with their directs.  Measure their ability to hold effective O3s by reviewing their O3 notes.

2) O3 responsibilities can't be shared.  You hold O3s with your directs. If your directs are managers, they hold O3s with their directs.  This cascades down all levels till you get to individual contributers. 

All of the support arguments and explanations can be found in the basics podcasts


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 I actually am one of 3 managers who share 40 directs (the servers, bartenders, and hosts). Most of my directs have their career, then they work for our place for supplemental income. Basically the issue I have is getting them to "buy-in" to what we're doing because they're just there to make some cash.

I'm sticking to the rollout, but as far as the other managers on my team I haven't found a cast that covers that. I've just started O3s by myself and am finding them greatly effective even though I'm not able to meet weekly with each direct.

Thanks for responding!