Rolling Out the Manager Tools' Trinity - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I do first in the Management Trinity?
  • How long does going through the Management Trinity take?
  • Can I start the Management Trinity in the middle?

This cast describes how to gradually implement Manager Tools' Management Trinity (One on Ones, Feedback, Coaching - and Delegation!).

We've been asked a thousand questions about what to do and when to do it when it comes to the Management Trinity, and we've finally gotten frustrated enough to do something about it.

We assumed that a lot of the ideas we're going to share here just made sense, and managers were taking the parts of the Trinity step by step, mastering each one, and adding new parts as they were able. And then we got an email complaining that putting ALL FOUR of the Trinity in place all at once was "JUST TOO HARD". And, that listener was right -- it was too hard -- and we weren't helping by not sharing our guidance.

We've shared these ideas with hundreds of corporate client managers -- and now it's time to share it with everyone. Step by step, here's how you do it.

If you ask us, if there WERE a Manager Tools Hall of Fame (HOF), this cast would be in it.

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HOF is right. Thanks M&M for putting so

HOF is right. Thanks M&M for putting so much into this one. This cast is jammed packed with insights and lessons. It's like an Olympic event I'm watching right now. The men's gymnastics finals for floor routine. These guys pack their routines with the most difficult moves.

Is this the email template mentioned in

Is this the email template mentioned in the podcast?
Or was there an updated version (hidden in premium area) more specific to the rollout?

I knew there had to way to implement

I knew there had to way to implement this new management strategy (new to me at least). I am a young manager always looking to improve, and when i heard the basics casts I was hooked, and was on fire for the trinity. I tried, funny enough to say, to implement EVERYTHING, lol, then a cast comes out saying to take things a little slower. Keep up the good work, can't wait to hear the rest of it.

dtphoto, You've got it ... there's


You've got it ... there's not another version out there.


Fantastic idea on presenting the

Fantastic idea on presenting the trinity this way. I've recently been going back through all of the casts in hopes of beginning my roll out. This should help tremendously.

But Mark, the NEED for feedback and

But Mark, the NEED for feedback and coaching is there ALL the TIME. How can I wait 6 - 8 weeks? Should I just expect my feedback and coaching are going to be less than effective?

dtphoto, Just a word of caution on


Just a word of caution on using that email template; While it's a well thought out and carefully constructed email, you might consider presenting the info in a more concise or direct way for people with high I and high D behaviour.

I learnt the hard way (should have known better), that that is a rather lengthy email and potentially less effective with high D or high I people if you're not careful. If you don't know what I'm talking about in high D and high I, check out the DISC podcasts at

The lengthy message might either get a high D direct offside, or have a high I direct miss most of the message altogether. You might consider giving the message directly (e.g. face to face or condensed) for those individuals.

I clearly recall the response I got from one direct, something to the effect of: if you want to communicate with me, never do it like that again, one or two sentences is enough.

ouch, but lesson learnt!


Peter- I see your point, but if one


I see your point, but if one of my High D's got ONE email from me, his boss, and didn't like it, I'd roll my eyes a little.

DiSC is not an excuse to say, I'm a High D/i/S/C, you HAVE to communicate with me THIS way. I don't have to be perfect every time to be a great communicator. Further, in broadcast emails, you're never going to be exactly right for everyone.

It's the same in a meeting - there is efficiency in the format that often overrides the individual effectiveness of considering each person's styles.

DTPhoto- use the template. It's fine.


JonP- Fine, the need for feedback


Fine, the need for feedback and coaching is always there. But what's your point? The cast is about rolling out the Trinity for maximum effectiveness. If you haven't been doing any of them, where was the "but the need" months ago? Waiting a few more weeks won't hurt.

The cast is about implementing the Trinity for someone just starting, or how to add to what you're already doing. If you've been doing one on ones for a while, fine, introduce feedback.

But don't do it all at once because of some "need". That need existed yesterday, but if you weren't doing anything then, it must not really be a need.


Point well taken. Thanks

Point well taken. Thanks Mark.

Mark, The point was that it started


The point was that it started the relationship off in a bad way. Just something to consider is all. I guess coming from a low D high S standpoint, it made me feel bad. I probably just need to get over it ;-)


Peter- Point taken. Now stop


Point taken. Now stop worrying about what happened and make something new happen.

Bridge building time!


I posted this elsewhere the other day -

I posted this elsewhere the other day - but thought it was more appropriate here.

I have finally – after years of listening to Manager Tools – conducted my first o3 – how slack is that? I got a bit freaked that I would not do it right, so I kept listening to the podcasts over and over again – there is so much to take on board. I rarely visit your actual website, so I only recently found the One-on-One tracking form. This is great, and gave me the confidence to just do it! I run a small business and have 3 casual working for me, who also work virtually (e.g. I rarely see them). I arranged an interview with the lady who has worked with me the longest, and told her what I was hoping to do, without scaring her to much. YES! It went really well. We covered a lot of ground. I knew I was going into the meeting with no ‘adjusting feedback’ which was a bit slack of me, but I had not conceptualised anything.

Frankly I am just so excited that I can ask someone to do something, they do it, and I reap the rewards. I still have not worked out how to ask my 9 year old to do something, and get it done without a major drama – maybe I should try o3 with her too Back to the ‘adjusting issues’. The staff member actually raised some areas that were of concern, and proactively told me how she was going to resolve them, without me saying anything. Once she raised the issues, I remembered them, and was glad she recognised them, and was one step ahead of me. To end our meeting, she told me I was altruistic she thought she had the best job in the world, so I guess I can’t do better than that!!

I have finally paid my dues, with the strength of the aussie dollar and one successful 03 and many more to come, I have paid up my annual subscription. Don’t go crazy and spend it all at once Mark & Mike!!

Many, many thanks,

ANISE (still disappointed that like Madonna and the Spice Girls you are not planning to come to Australi this year:) )

Guys, Just to comment that I've been

Just to comment that I've been rolling out the Trinity for some 6 months... I actually came to a cold start on positive feedback about 15 weeks ago. Finally, I started delivering negative feedback to my top performers today... Awesome! I'm actually happily surprised that I've been following the advice on your latest "rolling-out.." casts without having listened to them yet. I guess the overall exposure to your weekly casts has really 'cast' a spell on my performance (pun intented). For this, I thank you!

It still does not feel like second nature to me, but I'm not minding this.

And guess what- got promoted last June! Basically, my responsibilites now cover a much wider base of external clients. My extended team is now 5-x the original one. I'm about to roll out the Trinity again. This time should be easier and my concern is that I do not want to increase the number of directs dramatically. This will tend to lengthen my weekly staff meetings to beyond 90min and fill up more slots for my O3's. I know for a fact that my management style is way different than my new team's old manager. Any quick advise on this?

El Salvador

Do you intend feedback to happen inside O3s?

Hi everyone,

I have been listening to the casts for a couple of years and practising O3s and feedback with my own team and have been asked to train all other company managers in the system via the Rollout model here.  My boss believes that this cast indicates for feedback to be introduced into the actual one on one meetings, but my impressions from other previous casts was that feedback was to be given as immediately as possible, not saved up. 

I can see though that for managers new to the system it might make it easier to deliver feedback inside that structured 30 minutes.  Advice anyone?


presenting the feedback model

When rolling out the feedback model in a team meeting - what are the materials referenced in the cast?   Is this the original feedback model set of slides, the 7 pager?

Rolling out Feedback

Mark & Mike,

I gave my first ever positive feedback to my 2 strongest performers last week. I was staggered how well it was received, even though I "knew" that it would be.

I took over managing a team last summer when the previous manager retired.

I started O3s in the first month, and kept them going. As you say, it's the most powerful thing.

I first heard manager tools several years ago, at which point my job changed to one of those dogs & trees things (servers & systems to be precise)  Sure, I had customers, but not directs, so it was not a job without people. Now I still have servers & systems, but a second set of responsibilities, with a team of 4 directs.

I'm looking forward to giving more positive feedback to the whole team & starting on adjusting feedback after the holidays.

Slides still available ???

I am also looking for the slides on the feedback rollout.

In one of the feedback casts Mark and Mike speak about putting them on the homepage in the free document area, cause it is so important.

Already doing O3 for a while an I am eager to go to feedback now. Just not sure what and how to tell the team about it so they do not ask "has he been on a training again ..."